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Are you excited by the potential of psychedelics in the realms of healing and personal growth? Are you eager to learn how to become an ethical and proficient psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, or seeking one who possesses the necessary training and integrity?

Psychedelics promise to revolutionize mental health, but the journey to becoming a skilled psychedelic therapist is unlike any other. It requires extensive knowledge and a diverse skill set for working with psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, and more.

“The Theradelic Approach” serves as an invaluable resource, delving into the history, philosophy, and practical aspects of psychedelic therapy. Follow a step-by-step roadmap that guides you in preparing for and hosting transformative journeys and assisting your therapy clients in integrating them.

Embark on an enlightening exploration, equipping yourself with the tools and insights needed to navigate this unique terrain. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner expanding your expertise or a curious individual seeking guidance, “The Theradelic Approach” unlocks the full potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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“I found Sunny to be one of the most compassionate, creative, and connected (what in IFS we call Self-led) leaders I’ve worked with. In addition, she knows more about all kinds of psychedelics and how to use them safely and therapeutically than anyone I’ve met.” Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., creator of Internal Family Systems

"The Theradelic Approach is one of the best books I have read so far that provides a complete understanding of how psychedelics can work with varies psychotherapies (and other modalities) to increase successful patient outcomes. Sunny Strasburg, LMFT does a really good job on explaining the mindset, necessary teachings, guidelines and the experience - you don't need to be an expert to understand, so no matter where you are in your learning journey, I highly recommend this book." -Ben Greenzweig, CEO of Momentum events, Executive Producer Psychedelic

"Essential Must-Read that should be taught in every KAP training.: As an EMDR and IFS therapist, I found this book essential in preparing to practice ketamine assisted psychotherapy. The Theradelic Approach provides a foundation for the blending of classic Jungian therapy and contemporary trauma therapies (EMDR and IFS) to use along side ketamine treatments. Every chapter is supported by research references. The author's PANTHER method is used within the theradelic approach to prepare clients to safely and compassionately access the root causes of their mental health symptoms, bring Self-led healing within, and then integrate the newly shifted system for lasting change. I am enormously grateful for the detailed practical suggestions in section three. This book has been out for about a week and it's already had a profound impact on my clients' healing process. Highly recommend." -Stacy C. Smith

"Clinician Approved: I am a licensed LMFT who provides Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and was looking for a book to help support my clinical work that blends IFS and KAP. This book does just that and then some. Sunny’s knowledge and wisdom gives clinicians a much needed framework and model for how to use medicine and therapy. The Theradelic Approach is wholistic and ethical. In a time where psychedelics is making a come back in the clinical world we need ethical and wise frameworks. Sunny provides that. She and by extension of her her book support the field of therapists who want do or do work with medicine. I am grateful to Sunny for her mentorship and training. I can’t recommend this book more. Here’s to safe journeys."-Jennifer S.

"An essential guide for therapist and clients: I have had the pleasure of attending a retreat lead by Sunny. I have also utilized psychedelics in my own healing journey for over a decade and am well versed in this realm. From this vantage point I recognize the incredible wisdom found in these pages is also experienced in Sunny's work. I have worked with almost a dozen therapists and psychedelic healers and found the experience with Sunny to be the most clean, effective and life changing of these experiences. This unseen world can be challenging to articulate and offer guidance for and yet she eloquently educates the reader on the most fundamental and profound aspects of this very important work. Of all the books I have read on healing with psychedelics, The Theradelic Approach offers the most clarity and wisdom for the implementation of best practices in this ever evolving field. And of great importance, the author has done her work and is a reliable source of wisdom and guidance." -Rachel

"I knew your book would touch my soul based on how much nodding and mumbling "yes" I did while reading the sample, but I did not expect that I would only get to page 26 before I had to stop and let some tears flow because you put my own feelings and experience into such beautiful words. Thank you for writing this book, Sunny." -Elizabeth Horstman

What Does It Take to Be an Effective Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapist?

Understand the Psychedelic Renaissance: Acquire comprehensive knowledge in the realm of psychedelic psychotherapy, encompassing the historical background, mechanisms of action for various psychedelics, and optimal methodologies for preparation, journey support, and integration.

Supportive and Effective Methodology: Grasp the essence of being a supportive and effective psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, gaining insights into providing empathetic support that fosters rapport and ensures safety.

Therapeutic Excellence: Familiarize yourself with the most impactful therapeutic approaches that enhance the effectiveness of psychedelic therapy, such as Internal Family Systems, Archetypal Psychology, and EMDR.

Preparation, Journey, and Integration Toolbox: Acquire practical techniques and strategies for seamlessly integrating psychedelic experiences into your psychotherapeutic practice.

Ethical Guidance: Navigate the intricate ethical considerations of psychedelic psychotherapy with expert guidance.

Best Practices Handbook: Gain access to a comprehensive guide that outlines the optimal practices for combining psychotherapeutic techniques with psychedelic experiences.

Theradelic Approach Program: Elevate your practice to new heights through an excellent program in psychedelic psychotherapy led by a seasoned practitioner and expert.

Professional Community: Join a community of like-minded professionals devoted to advancing the field of psychedelic psychotherapy and advocating for the highest standards of practice.

About The Author

Sunny Strasburg logo Theradelic Approach Richard Dick Schwartz Internal Family Systems IFS psychedelic therapy psychotherapy ketamine training psychology psychologist marriage and family social work book Amazon Kindle

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT, is a versatile psychedelic trainer, therapist, and writer. She is EMDR-certified and specializes in trauma, holding certifications in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. As a graduate of the Certification for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, she is trained in Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapies. Sunny serves as the Clinical Director at TRIPP PsyAssist, pioneering virtual reality psychedelic support. She co-leads Ketamine therapy retreats with Dr. Richard Schwartz, the renowned originator of Internal Family Systems. Sunny’s expertise extends to training programs with Bessel van der Kolk and collaborations with esteemed figures in psychology and psychedelics. She shares her innovative protocols at prestigious conferences worldwide, including Psychedelic Science 2023, SXSW, EMDRIA Worldwide Virtual Conference, and the Boston Trauma Conference. With training from MAPS, Compass Pathways, Ketamine Research Foundation, and Synthesis, Sunny brings a wealth of knowledge to her transformative work.

The Theradelic Approach Sunny Strasburg logo Theradelic Approach Richard Dick Schwartz Internal Family Systems IFS psychedelic therapy psychotherapy ketamine training psychology psychologist marriage and family social work book Amazon Kindle

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Sunny Strasburg logo Theradelic Approach Richard Dick Schwartz Internal Family Systems IFS psychedelic therapy psychotherapy ketamine training psychology psychologist marriage and family social work book Amazon Kindle